Building E-Commerce Solutions with WooCommerce (2nd Edition)

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This book has been written for everyone who wants to learn how to expand an existing WordPress website with e-commerce functions using the WooCommerce plugin.



This book has been written for everyone who wants to learn how to expand an existing WordPress website with e-commerce functions using the WooCommerce plugin.

WooCommerce is an easy-to-use, but fully-functional, e-commerce plugin that will turn your website into a fully-featured online store.

The book is suitable for marketers, e-commerce (project) managers, and web design agencies working with WordPress.

First of all, this book is meant for everyone willing to run their own online store on a relatively small budget.

Although this book is not aimed at developers, some WooCommerce code examples are provided in this book.

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Robbert Ravensbergen


2nd edition



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Chapter 1 - Setting Up WooCommerce

  1. Setting up your test environment
  2. Installing WooCommerce
  3. Setting up WooCommerce
  4. The General Settings Tab
  5. The Products Settings Tab
  6. The Tax settings tab
  7. The Checkout Settings Tab
  8. The shipping settings tab
  9. The Accounts Settings Tab
  10. The Email Settings Tab
  11. The API Settings Tab
  12. Preparing our test store

Chapter 2 - Creating Your First Products

  1. Setting up product categories
  2. Creating your first product
  3. General data
  4. Inventory data
  5. Shipping data
  6. Linked products and attributes
  7. Advanced data
  8. Setting the categories, tags, and images for your product
  9. Product visibility options

Chapter 3 - Using Downloadable Products and Variations

  1. Working with tags
  2. Virtual products
  3. Downloadable products
  4. Using attributes
  5. Setting up variable and grouped products
  6. Other product types
  7. Grouped products
  8. External/Affiliate products
  9. Importing product data

Chapter 4 - Payments, Shipping, and Coupons

  1. Payment methods
  2. Payment methods around the world
  3. What you need to know about credit cards
  4. Setting up PayPal
  5. Setting up Stripe
  6. Shipping methods and prices
  7. Working with free shipping
  8. Using shipping classes
  9. Carrier integration
  10. Using discount coupons

Chapter 5 - Working with WooCommerce Themes

  1. Using the available widgets and shortcodes
  2. Making or buying a theme
  3. Finding and selecting WooCommerce themes
  4. Things you should pay attention to when buying a theme
  5. Installing a WooCommerce theme
  6. Working with theme settings
  7. Setting up your home page
  8. Using the Storefront theme
  9. Adding a logo
  10. Homepage control

Chapter 6 - Customizing a WooCommerce Theme

  1. What we need to get started
  2. Tools every web designer needs
  3. WordPress theme basics
  4. Creating a Child theme
  5. Developing WooCommerce themes
  6. WooCommerce CSS
  7. WooCommerce hooks, actions and filters
  8. Adding a logo using code
  9. Removing the sidebar

Chapter 7 - Running Your Online Store

  1. Adjusting the notification e-mails
  2. Deploying your WooCommerce store
  3. Working with sales orders
  4. Adding manual sales orders
  5. Reporting
  6. Sales reports
  7. Customer reports
  8. Stock reports
  9. Tax reports

Chapter 8 - More Possibilities Using Plugins

  1. Where to find the right WooCommerce plugins
  2. A closer look at plugin prices
  3. Popular and useful WooCommerce plugins
  4. WooCommerce and Google Analytics integration
  5. WooCommerce and the Yoast SEO plugin
  6. Advanced products
  7. Online marketing
  8. The MailChimp integration
  9. Social coupons
  10. Google shopping
  11. Abandoned carts
  12. Plugins for store management
  13. Table rate shipping
  14. Invoicing
  15. Subscriptions
  16. Reporting
  17. Business to Business catalog
  18. Importing product data
  19. USA tax calculations
  20. A store in multiple languages
  21. Free plugins


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