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      Sergey Grachev

      I understood how your plugin works in pages. But how in post ? I have simple website about myself photograch.com Please understand I am photographer not a coder and doing everything myself for my own needs. Ok this page https://www.photograch.com/about-2/ switcher works to Russian but from Russian it goes to main page ?? Then in blog posts here https://www.photograch.com/жизнь-в-зазеркалье/ switcher goes to about page again ? How in post I can make parent post for switcher or what should I do ? I am full confused

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      Hello Sergey,

      In your post you linked to an article that doesn’t exist.

      It should end with -ru/ instead of /ru

      I also suggest to use the English title in the link (slug) of the English version because it is better for SEO.

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