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PHP Format Numbers to Nearest Thousands

Here comes a PHP function to format numbers to nearest thousands such as Kilos, Millions, Billions, and Trillions with comma. Function function thousandsCurrencyFormat($num) { if( $num > 1000 ) { $x = round($num); $x_number_format = number_format($x); $x_array = explode(',', $x_number_format); $x_parts = array('k', 'm', 'b', 't'); $x_count_parts = count($x_array) - 1; $x_display = $x; $x_display = $x_array . ((int) $x_array !== 0 ? '.' . $x_array : ''); $x_display .= $x_parts; return .

Maximizing Revenue with E-Mail

Making more than you spend is at the foundation of every opportunity. Before you get too caught up running your business, I hope you took the time to make a few calculations to determine whether your approach to your business seemed capable of making a profit. Although it is sure that many successful businesses start with little more than basic math, one very important calculation rarely finds its way into a .