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Building a Quality E-Mail List

Collecting e-mail addresses isn’t an easy task. Some people are so bothered by unsolicited e-mails that they’re willing to almost anything else with you before they will share their e-mail addresses. Others might give you their e-mail addresses, but when the e-mails they receive from you don’t meet their expectations, they resort to unsubscribing or marking the e-mails as spam, even if they’re loyal . Fortunately, an e-mail list needn’t be large to .

Taking Advantage of E-Mail Marketing Providers

The days where you could send a single e-mail and blind-copy hundreds of other people are long gone. Spam filters, firewalls, junk folders, and consumer distrust are all reasons to turn to professionals for help with your e-mail strategy. Providers (EMPs) are companies that provide one or more of the following commercial e-mail services: Improved e-mail deliverability Database and list management E-mail template design Social media integration Mobile device formatting The e-mail .