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Reply To: Split: Mistake with English flag

Yes this is the flag of England: The plugin follows the core WP language location/pair and point to the national flag. In some cases (such as UK) it might not reflect the identity of the site and this is why I made the flag implementation optional by manually adding it to the CSS. My suggestion to solve this issue is to tweak the CSS either by modifying the image containing all the flags located or by forcing .

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Hello, Thank you for reporting this. The CSS for the Czech flag is missing in the example. We will add it but in the meantime you can manually add this into your style: .flag.flag-cs{ background-position:-16px .

Mistake with Czech flag

hi! When you set up CZECH flag instead of it is showing Moldavian flag. Its very bad for business. Please fix it, its very .

Reply To: Use Flags like in the widget anywhere?

I find the design of the gadget ordinarily more engaging than the button to extend the language choices, which can be embedded through shortcode.   Could I at any point practically embed the banners as in the gadget without the button (by means of scrap or shortcode) and provided that this is true, how? Thanks. website designing company in .

Reply To: Use Flags like in the widget anywhere?

Hello there! The language selections should be prefixed by <span class="flag flag-{iso}"></span> allowing you to implement flags via CSS: Is it answering you .

Use Flags like in the widget anywhere?

Good day! I find the layout of the widget many times more appealing than the button to expand the language options, which can be inserted via shortcode. Can I functionally insert the flags as in the widget without the button (via snippet or shortcode) and if so, how? Thanks in .

Switcher in Blog

First, thanks for the good plugin. Unfortunately I have a problem. Two categories - one for English, one for German. In the posts I only see German under categories. English does not exist. Or after the first creation of the category I was able to write a contribution and put it in English. For the second post, the category was no longer available. Can you help .