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Newsletter Generator
Newsletter Generator
Newsletter Generator
Newsletter Generator
Newsletter Generator
Newsletter Generator
Newsletter Generator
Newsletter Generator
Newsletter Generator
Newsletter Generator
Newsletter Generator
Newsletter Generator

Newsletter Generator

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The Newsletter Generator offers everything you need to create and manage effective email newsletters right from your WordPress dashboard.

With customizable email models and automated email series you can easily create beautiful newsletters that reflect your brand and capture your audience’s attention.

The plugin stores new emails directly to the core list of users and allows you to filter only the subscribers.

The CRON scheduling system prevents your SMTP server from being overloaded by sending emails in small batches at regular intervals.


  • SUBSCRIBTION FORM – Collect email addresses via the shortcode newsletter-subscription
  • AUTO GENERATED MODEL – Generate automatically blocks listing the last items grouped by post types and/or taxonomies
  • CODE EDITOR – Edit & export the HTML code of email models
  • VISUAL EDITOR – Advanced visual editor with drag and drop elements
  • SEND PREVIEW – Easily send yourself previews of the model being edited
  • EMAIL LISTS – Segment your audience into lists to streamline your messaging topics
  • LIST FILTER – Filter the core list of users to show only the subscribed members of one list
  • CRON SCHEDULER – Send emails in small batches at regular intervals
  • CAMPAIGNS – Automated email series scheduled when a specific hook is triggered
  • BUILT-IN HOOKS – User registration, Newsletter Subscription

Live Template Editor

Newsletter Live Editor

Visual Editor

Every Newsletter Generator license includes one Live Template Editor (LTPLE) license.

The Live Template Editor (LTPLE) is a web-based visual editor tool that is delivered as a SaaS to enhance your newsletter editing experience.

When you activate the Newsletter Generator plugin, you will be prompted to install an integrator dependency, which is a separate installation that comes at no extra cost.

This dependency is not mandatory, but it is necessary to unlock the visual editing feature of the Newsletter Generator.

Therefore, if you have purchased a Newsletter Generator license, you are entitled to use the Live Template Editor (LTPLE) tool as well.


The following code snippet adds a campaign trigger to the campaign editor:

add_action('ltple_newsletter_campaign_triggers', function($triggers){

 	$triggers['woocommerce_order_status_completed'] = 'Order Completed';

 	return $triggers;


Feel free to reach out via the contact form or the dedicated support forum regarding the integration of the plugin into your marketing strategy.


Why my email model is not being sent directly?

Assuming  that you have no general issue with your SMTP server, keep in mind that the pluging uses the WP-Cron scheduler to send emails in small batches at regular intervals. WP-Cron is a built-in cron job (wp-cron.php) in WordPress that runs every time someone visits the website. In most cases emails will be delivered fast unless you have a website that has little traffic or a very large mailing list. For websites with low traffic, we recommend to run wp-cron.php externally via Crontab.
Yes the plugin has a built-in segmentation system through email lists to filter the core list of users. Furthermore, any plugin that filters the list of users can be used to “segment” your newsletter.
In order to keep the implementation simple and lightweight the plugin does not provide advance tracking for now. It does add utm_source parameters to urls compatible with most Analytic softwares.


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