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Put a Stop to Shopping Cart Abandonment Though many retailers may think their e-commerce sites are competitive, reports show that on average, 68% of a site’s browsers will leave without completing a purchase. There are a couple common culprits that cause buyers to jump ship before checking out. Consider all of these pointers and make changes where necessary. Are your buyers jumping ship too soon? 68% are leaving without buying. Why are they leaving .

What Theme Customizer Does

The Theme Customizer allows you to tweak the appearance setting of the theme and gives the preview of changes. Five Roles of Theme Customizer The five roles of Theme customizer is described below: Set Title & Tagline The title and tagline of your blog site are vitally important – after all, they alone could determine whether visitors continue to read. This feature allows you to play around and input new text for your title and .

Modify your blog’s theme

Themes are the style icons that drape themselves across the underlying framework, making them exactly what the users see. There are thousands available on the web, whether premium or free. Typically, premium themes offer more features and style, but there are plenty of free themes that make the grade, it’s just a matter of finding them. Once a theme has been found and installed it can be used immediately. However, the colors, fonts and .

Discover the flexibility of WordPress plugins

Widgets are a lot like plug-ins, but they’re easier to add and customize. Here we’ll look at the various widgets available and the simple ways to add, edit and customize widgets to benefit the functionality and user experience of your WordPress website. One of the main benefits of using widgets is you’re not required to change any of the Theme code. If you wish to use widgets in your website, it is important to select .

Add a gallery of images in WordPress

When using WordPress the typical process for adding images is to insert a single instance, a simple and effective scenario. However, if more images are needed for a single post, or page, then the WordPress Gallery feature is the perfect solution. Users can upload multiple images, which WordPress puts into a gallery. The images can still be added individually or there is the option to upload the whole gallery in one fell swoop. Adding .

Learn to edit your WordPress blog posts

WordPress is designed in such a way that creating a new post for your blog is as simple as typing it in. You won’t, however, always get it right first time. If you’ve got a news-based the site then you might need to update a post with new information as it becomes available, or sometimes you will simply need to go back and correct a typo. Thankfully this is not a task to challenge .

Introducing categories

Categories are the filing system in your local library. They help organize your posts into meaningful sections, enabling you to find every post of a particular type quickly and easily. Actions in Category Rather than having a fixed set of categories prescribed to you, however, WordPress lets you choose your own category structure to match your filing preferences. So if you’re creating a blog about different sports, you might want to create categories by the .

Tips to manage comments in WordPress

Comments allow your website’s visitors a platform to add their input on the topic, ask questions, and provide feedback which helps to communicate with you and other readers. It helps to grow community interaction around the content. WordPress comes with a comment management system of its own. WordPress posts, pages, and other post types can accept comments. Post and Publishing When you set up your first blog, every post you publish comes with comment features. This means .

WooCommerce and Google Analytics integration

Google Analytics Google Analytics is a web analytics offered by google that is connected to your website through a piece of tracking code they tracks and reports website traffic, currently as a platform inside the Google Marketing Platform brand etc. Google Analytics is now the most widely used web analytics service on the Internet. Integration with WordPress Once your store is up and running, it’s important to start working on improvements. To be able to do that you first .

WordPress Theme basics

WordPress Theme A WordPress Theme is a collection of files that work together to determine the look and features of your blog or website. A WordPress theme is made up of a number of different files, and they all contain a separate section of the page; the header will contain the title and navigation, then the index will contain the main content area. Every WordPress theme has its own folder, which you may find in the wp-content/themes .