Reporting and Woocommmerce

WooCommerce | Reports By navigating in the main menu to WooCommerce | Reports we’ll be able to take a look at the reporting capabilities that WooCommerce has available. It delivers a number of standardized reports that already give a lot of information. But unfortunately, there isn’t much flexibility in this area. Just use what is available or find alternative reporting methods. When opening the reporting page, we’ll see four main areas that are divided .

Making or Buying a Theme

The look and feel of your store are completely controlled by your WordPress theme. We already noticed that even a theme like Storefront already delivers good results. It’s just better to use a theme that has been created by using WooCommerce in mind. If you would use a standard WordPress theme like Twenty Fifteen or Twenty Sixteen WooCommerce will still work, but layout issues might occur. We have two possibilities when choosing a design .

Things you should pay attention to when buying a theme

If you’re not yet very familiar with working with different WordPress themes, then the following guidelines may be helpful to come to a good choice: Browser compatibility For users, this isn’t always clear, but often older browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and older are no longer supported. This means that a visitor using such a browser will see a malfunctioning website. Depending on your audience, this is or isn’t a problem. Just pay .

Free Shipping

Nowadays buyers often expect to receive free shipping when ordering items in your store. Shipping costs that are too high can be a reason for customers to leave your store and look for an alternative. Free Shipping as Marketing Free shipping is a marketing tactic used primarily by online vendors and mail-order catalogs as a sales strategy to attract customers. Free shipping helps to rationalize buying something online instead of going to a store. If shipping turns out .

Shipping and Delivery Requirements

Online purchasing of goods and services has become very popular among people around the world. Due to the competitive market and convenience, people choose the online Purchase of goods. The range of choices, Feedback from other users, has influenced the Online buyers which are causing an increase in the number of Digital Buyers. Around 1.79 billion people worldwide purchase goods online. Mobile shopping bought huge growth in online shopping activities. In 2017, retail e-commerce sales worldwide .

Shipping methods and prices

Just as with Payment Methods, we also need to think about the shipping methods we are going to offer to our customers. Where are we going to ship to? Shipping Method Do we charge our customers for it and if yes, does the amount depend on the shipping address, the weight of the products or both? Also here we have to think about several aspects: Which carrier(s) are we going to use? Is there .

Setting up Stripe

Stripe as a payment method Stripe is a payment method created for software developers. Meanwhile, the service became more mature and is now available in more than 20 countries, among which the USA, Australia, and a part of Western Europe. To be able to use Stripe, your website must use an SSL certificate. Stripe in a production environment Without it, you cannot use Stripe in a production environment. If you’d like to receive more .

What you need to know about credit cards

PCI compliance When you want to accept credit cards in your store, you’ll soon hear something about PCI compliance. The issue is: if you let your customers enter their credit card details directly on your website, you must be PCI compliant. The downside is that getting your website PCI compliant is difficult to reach. If you’d like to know more about this subject, the following website may be useful: So, how are we .

Payment methods around the world

Which payment methods should you offer in your store? First of all, there’s no best answer to this question. Looking at the payment solutions that are available worldwide, you might be surprised. There are literally hundreds of possibilities. When speaking of payment methods, we distinguish between the following types: Online or onsite methods The transaction is done online immediately at the moment of creating the order by your customer. Payment by credit card or .