What Theme Customizer Does

What Theme Customizer Does

The allows you to tweak the appearance setting of the theme and gives the preview of changes.

Five Roles of Theme Customizer

The five roles of Theme customizer is described below:

Set Title & Tagline

The title and tagline of your site are vitally important – after all, they alone could determine whether visitors continue to read. This feature allows you to play around and input new text for your title and tagline and see how it reads and sits on the preview site on the same . The advantage of this is that you can see how your new title and tagline look before deciding on whether to go ahead with the changes and actually publish them.

Play around with colors

Your readers probably won’t care if your title and tagline text is black or blue, but what they will care about is how easy the text is to read against the background, so the ‘Colors’ section gives you the opportunity to experiment with the colors of your text and the background to ensure that they compliment each other well. By clicking on an option, you’ll bring up a color wheel from which to choose your shade and tone. Once again, the changes will be reflected in the preview site on the same screen.

Change your header image

The that your visitors see when they first log on to your site is vitally important as, like your title and tagline text, it is what will capture their imagination and draw them into your domain. You now have the freedom to import your own image for this purpose but be warned that it has to fit the basic dimensions of 1000 x 288 pixels to be accepted by the theme. To change the image, simply select the ‘Upload New’ tab and then either drag your new image into the space provided or click on the ‘select a file’ link.

Import a background image

If you would like to import an image to act as the background, perhaps to provide your site with more depth and make it more aesthetically pleasing to the visitors then you can with ease. Simply click on the arrow next to ‘No image’ and then either drag your own image into the space provided or click on the ‘select a file’ link. Again, the changes will be instantaneous in the preview site so you can easily gauge if the background does indeed complement the site as a whole or whether to skip this feature entirely.

Determine your front page

The final feature of the Theme Customizer is equally as important as the others in determining the amount of traffic you get. From this section, you can set whether the of your site will carry your latest or remain as a static page. Of course, this largely depends on whether your are interesting enough to entice the readers in or you want to retain an element of mystique and encourage them to go a step further to access your posts.




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