Developer Program

What is the Developer Program?

This program is for Web Developers or Agencies to participate in developing products for the Recuweb Code Market and make recurring profits.

What can I make money?

There is 2 ways to make money, with Bounties and Commission on Sales after “sales quota”.

What is a Bounty?

The Bounty is the amount of money you get directly after your code is accepted for release.

What is Sales Quota?

It is the amount of sales of a newly released product not rewarding commissions.

What is Commission on Sales?

You can start collecting commissions after the sales quota is reached as long as you agree to maintain and update the code as per requirements.

How it works?

Contact us using the following form and we will send you a list of open projects.

Pick a project that you want to develop from that list and after review your request we will provide you with an access to a private Github repository and a scope of work for the development of selected product.

Contact us