OpenAI Text Completion

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Integrate the OpenAI GPT Text Completion, into your WordPress management and production workflow.

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Important: Before starting note that this plugin requires an OpenAI API key, and you will be responsible for any costs associated with using the API.

This plugin will empower you with the capabilities of the advanced OpenAI Text Completion within your WordPress environment, making content creation and management more efficient and effective.

Simply hold down the Shift key on your keyboard while selecting a piece of text from any input field or textarea, and a dialog box will instantly appear, encompassing the selected text.

Use the command buttons provided in the dialog box to prompt the AI and generate intelligent responses based on the selected text.

When you’re satisfied with the generated content, use the “Replace” button to effortlessly update the old text with the new one.

OpenAI Text Completion

OpenAI Text Completion


  • DIALOG BOX – Simply hold down the Shift key on your keyboard while selecting a piece of text to open a convenient dialog box.
  • EMBEDDEDNESS – Seamlessly works from any input text field or textarea located in your backend.
  • CUSTOM PROMPTS – Tailor your own prompts to manipulate the selected text as per your specific task, whether it’s paraphrasing, translating, completing, or formatting.
  • MULTIPLE MODELS – Choose from a variety of available AI models for text completion, including GPT-1, GPT-2, GPT-3…
  • EFFORTLESS REPLACEMENT – Easily update the old text with the new one in just one click, streamlining your content management process.


This package requieres 2 mandatory dependencies included with any active license:

  • OpenAI API Wrapper – containing the OpenAI SDK for PhP wrapped into a WordPress plugin
  • SEO Content Manager – containing the dialog box system

When you activate the OpenAI Text Completion plugin, you will be prompted to install the two dependencies, which are separate installations that comes at no extra cost.

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Feel free to reach out via the contact form or the dedicated support forum regarding the integration of the plugin into your marketing strategy.


  • OpenAI Text Completion settings
  • OpenAI Text Completion dialog box
  • OpenAI Text Completion
  • OpenAI Text Completion Block Editor

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Content Management System






Minimum PHP version


Requires at least

Wordpress 4.6.x


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Is OpenAI Text Completion compatible with TinyMCE?

Yes, you can use OpenAI Text Completion from the "Text" mode of TinyMCE.

Yes, you can use OpenAI Text Completion with Gutenberg Block Editor. By selecting the 'Edit as HTML' option, you can seamlessly integrate OpenAI's advanced Text Completion capabilities directly into your content creation process.

OpenAI Text Completion Block Editor

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