Determining how your e-mail messages should look

Determining how your e-mail messages should look

elements, such as and colors, are important parts of every e-mail message because they can reinforce the words that you use or cause your words to feel different to the reader.

A text-only e-mail not only fails to reinforce and enhance the value proposition, but it’s also difficult to scan and read. Even simple design elements can have a significant impact on the look and feel of an e-mail message.

The formatted e-mail uses , links, colors, borders, fonts, and effective layout to reinforce certain elements in the message and also makes the main idea of the message easier to grasp because of the holiday vacation . Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help determine how your e-mail should look:

  • What emotions or circumstances cause people to think of your or ?
  • Which words, fonts, images, and colors communicate those emotions and circumstances?
  • What other mediums are you using to deliver your messages?
  • What limitations and advantages of each medium could affect the look and feel of your messages?


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