WordPress for Beginners (8th Edition)

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This eBook has been written by Wordpress experts and enthusiasts to teach you how to set up an account, how the interface functions, and how to publish and customise your very first website.

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WordPress has continued to grow in both popularity and capability over the last few years, and has evolved from being an iconic blogging platform to a powerful content management system that hosts everything from personal blogs and fan sites to message boards and eCommerce sites.

As you’ll discover, WordPress truly does have all of the tools and components you will need to get started with your blog.

This eBook has been written by WordPress experts and enthusiasts to teach you:

  • how to set up an account
  • how the interface functions
  • how to publish and customise your very first website

In addition, this eBook will give you even more handy tips on how you can add custom code to your site to make it even more user friendly and interactive.


Chapter 1 - Complete guide

  1. The New Era of WordPress8
  1. Create an account at wordpress.com16
  2. Introducing the Dashboard18
  3. Learning WordPress links20
  4. Introducing pages22
  5. Manage your comments24
  6. Understanding themes26
  7. Introducing Theme Customizer36
  8. Customise your site with widgets30
  9. Customise your website menu32
  10. Using the Appearance Editor34
  11. Introducing plug-ins36
  12. Adding new plug-ins38
  13. Using the Plug-in Editor40
  14. Add new users to your site42
  15. Introducing Tools44
  16. Understanding General Settings46
  17. Using the Writing Settings48
  18. Understanding and using the Reading Settings50
  19. Master the Discussion Settings52
  20. Introducing Media Settings54
  21. Using permalinks56
  22. Customise the screen and layout58
  23. Get started with new posts60
  24. Format the text of a post62
  25. Publish your blog posts64
  26. Introducing categories66
  27. Understanding post tags68
  28. Uploading new media70
  1. Getting hosted with WordPress74
  2. Download, install and set up a self-hosted site78
  3. Learn to edit your WordPress blog posts82
  4. Embed external media in your WordPress posts86
  5. Add a gallery of images in WordPress90
  6. Manage the WordPress Media Library92
  7. Organise your WordPress posts94
  8. Managing blog post comments in WordPress96
  9. Customise the categories in your WordPress blog98
  10. Create, apply and manage tags in your posts100
  11. Manage a series of links in your website sidebar112
  12. Improve your permalinks and drive visitors to your blog124
  1. 20 best WordPress themes108
  2. Add a new WordPress theme to your website118
  3. Learn how to use the new Theme Customizer120
  4. Modify your blog’s theme122
  5. Customise your themes with widgets124
  6. Understanding the basics of CSS128
  7. Discover the flexibility of WordPress plug-ins130
  8. Type and Typography132
  1. The best WordPress plug-ins140
  2. Create on-click fading transitions148
  3. Code contemporary CSS text effects150
  4. Craft supercharged web animations154
  5. Create a flickering background image158
  6. Fade in a button background on hover160
  7. Code hovering slide-out menu162
  8. Add split-screen sliding panel effects164
  1. Your questions answered166
  2. WordPress glossary172

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Aaron Asadi, Jon White, Ross Andrews


8th edition


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