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How to show a country flag in front of the language selection?

Step by step implementation of Language Switcher in a single wordpress website

How to integrate the language selector in a WordPress site?

How to implement Language Switcher in WordPress?

Modify your blog’s theme

are the style icons that drape themselves across the underlying , making them exactly what the users see. There are thousands available on the web, whether premium or free. Typically, premium themes offer more features and style, but there are plenty of free themes that make the grade, it’s just a matter of finding them. Once a theme has been found and installed it can be used immediately. However, the colors, fonts and .

WooCommerce and Google Analytics integration

Google Analytics is a web analytics offered by google that is connected to your website through a piece of tracking code they tracks and website traffic, currently as a platform inside the Platform brand etc. Google Analytics is now the most widely used web analytics service on the Internet. Integration with Once your store is up and running, it’s important to start working on improvements. To be able to do that you first .

WooCommerce hooks, actions and filters

heavily relies on the usage of , , and Filters. It gives you the possibility to override the default output of WooCommerce. Developers added Hooks For instance, if you want to take control of the and add or even remove fields in there, hooks and filters are what you need. Let’s first explain this concept. Within the and , developers added hooks. On a hook, you can hang your .

Making or Buying a Theme

The look and feel of your store are completely controlled by your . We already noticed that even a like already delivers good results. It’s just better to use a theme that has been created by using in mind. If you would use a standard theme like Twenty Fifteen or Twenty Sixteen WooCommerce will still work, but layout issues might occur. We have two possibilities when choosing a  .

PHP Format Numbers to Nearest Thousands

Here comes a PHP function to format numbers to nearest thousands such as Kilos, Millions, Billions, and Trillions with comma. Function function thousandsCurrencyFormat($num) { if( $num > 1000 ) { $x = round($num); $x_number_format = number_format($x); $x_array = explode(',', $x_number_format); $x_parts = array('k', 'm', 'b', 't'); $x_count_parts = count($x_array) - 1; $x_display = $x; $x_display = $x_array . ((int) $x_array !== 0 ? '.' . $x_array : ''); $x_display .= $x_parts; return .
How to Combine Javascript Files In WordPress without Plugin?

How to Combine Javascript Files In WordPress without Plugin?

To combine the javascript files in with and without Plugin, first, we must know all of the javascript files along with its handle name loaded on the web without seeing the web source as we did in the manual way. Knowing all of the javascript files loaded in a web page We can find all of information about the javascript files loaded in a WordPress page in the WP_Scripts object. This .