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How to integrate the language selector in a WordPress site?

How to implement Language Switcher in WordPress?

WordPress Theme basics

Theme is a collection of files that work together to determine the look and features of your blog or website. A WordPress theme is made up of a number of different files, and they all contain a separate section of the ; the header will contain the title and navigation, then the index will contain the main content area. Every WordPress theme has its own folder, which you may find in the wp-content/themes .

PHP Format Numbers to Nearest Thousands

Here comes a function to to nearest thousands such as Kilos, Millions, Billions, and Trillions with comma. Function Output thousandsCurrencyFormat(3000); // 3k thousandsCurrencyFormat(35500); // 35.5k thousandsCurrencyFormat(905000); // 905k thousandsCurrencyFormat(5500000); // 5.5m thousandsCurrencyFormat(88800000); // 88.8m thousandsCurrencyFormat(745000000); // 745m thousandsCurrencyFormat(2000000000); // 2b thousandsCurrencyFormat(22200000000); // 22.2b thousandsCurrencyFormat(1000000000000); // 1t (1 .