Taking Advantage of E-Mail Marketing Providers

Taking Advantage of E-Mail Marketing Providers

The days where you could send a single e-mail and blind-copy hundreds of other people are long gone. filters, firewalls, junk folders, and consumer distrust are all reasons to turn to professionals for help with your e-mail . Providers (EMPs) are companies that provide one or more of the following commercial e-mail :

  • Improved e-mail deliverability
  • Database and list management
  • E-mail template
  • Social integration
  • Mobile device formatting
  • The e-mail message and creation
  • Report tracking
  • Advice and consulting

EMPs allow you to accomplish much more with your e-mail than you could on your own. Some EMPs even provide various levels of for higher prices if you don’t want to do your own e-mail marketing. Here are a few examples of the kinds of benefits that EMPs provide: Giving your a professional look: EMPs can help you create great-looking e-mail without any programming knowledge on your part. Most EMPs provide templates with consumer-friendly to accommodate any type of message. Some EMPs provide template-creation wizards that allow you to control all your design elements for a low cost, and some EMPs either include professional services to help you with semi-custom designs or allow you to completely outsource and customize your template designs. Here are some of the templates that EMPs usually provide:

Keeping your marketing legal: EMPs are required to incorporate current e-mail laws into their for the EMP’s to easily comply. Reputable EMPs take compliance a step further than the basic legal requirements and adhere to more professional standards in line with consumer preferences. Examples of professional standards include the following:

  • Safe unsubscribe links
  • Privacy statements
  • Physical address added to e-mails
  • Sending from a verified e-mail address

Helping you with logistics and reporting: EMPs can help you manage the and associated with executing your e-mail strategy. Here are some examples of ways in which EMPs can help you manage your information:

  • Storage and retrieval of subscriber information
  • on deliverability
  • Automated handling of subscribe and unsubscribe requests
  • Tracking information on blocked and bounced e-mail

Helping with content: EMPs want you to be successful because if your e-mail are effective, you will likely reward your EMP by being a loyal customer. Many EMPs have resources available that will help you develop your content and use best-practices. Examples include

  • Online communities
  • Webinars
  • Tutorials
  • Classroom-style training
  • Consultation

Teaching you best practices: EMPs can give you valuable information on consumer preferences that would be too expensive or impossible for you to obtain on your own. EMPs send a lot of e-mails on behalf of their customers, and they’re good at staying up-to-date on consumer preferences and professional standards. Some EMPs are willing to their knowledge in order to make your e-mails more effective. Some things you might learn include

  • Best times and days to send
  • How to improve your open rates
  • How to avoid spam complaints
  • What to do when e-mail is blocked or filtered
  • How to design and layout your content

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