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Developing e-mail content in accordance with consumer interaction

Your e-mail content should match how consumers tend to interact with the media you use so that your audience can easily internalize and take action on your message. Consider the following comparison between using e-mail to deliver a message and using a billboard to deliver a message. Imagine planning to put up a billboard next to the highway where people drive by at 65 miles per hour. You aren’t likely to get good results .

10 must-have plugins for WordPress

The 10 must-have plugins for are  Jetpack, , , , , , , , , and Askmit. Jetpack Jetpack is a bundle of useful plugins in one. Jetpack features include enhanced social sharing, enabling users to subscribe to posts and comments, and much more. W3 Total Cache Faster load time is crucial as it impacts user experience as well as SEO performance. W3 Total .